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Welcoming the 2016 Quintessa, a Profound Vintage

The last several years have brought us a string of exceptional vintages in the Napa Valley, and the 2016 Quintessa is a profound one. We look forward to sharing the vintage with you, and raising a glass to all that the future holds.

Meet Rodrigo Soto

The Huneeus family is pleased to announce Rodrigo Soto as Quintessa’s General Manager. Born and raised in Chile, in many ways Rodrigo has been preparing for this role nearly all his life...

The Art of Illumination

Illumination is a wine with its roots at the Quintessa estate. Illumination was started by the Huneeus Family as a passion project in 2006 and has since become one of the most Sauvignon Blancs in Napa. Illumination is beloved by sommeliers and chefs for its aromatic richness, tropical fruit intensity and minerality. To achieve this, we take the same care in crafting Illumination as we do Quintessa.

Rolling Out the Barrel

Materials aside, barrel fermentation demands a tremendous amount of exertion and attention. Quintessa believes in the complicated, labor-intensive method of replacing each barrel head and sealing in the must, then laying the barrel on its side on a rack and rolling it regularly to fully introduce the oak to the must while it ferments. 

“The 2015 is the first vintage in which we used barrel fermentation for a significant amount of the wine,” says Rebekah Wineburg, noting that about 20 percent of the blend for the latest release fermented completely in the 225-liter vessels. “Integrating the oak barrels in this way allows the development of these very beautiful flavors of chocolate-covered raspberries and dark cherry.”

A Landmark Accomplishment

Larry Bean

While crafting the 2015 Quintessa, Rebekah Wineburg,the estate’s winemaker, instantly perceived the opulence, texture and length of an exceptional vintage, one that would delight immediately and through the years and decades to come. When she recently opened a bottle and poured herself a glass of the wine, it only confirmed what she presumed—that this latest release is destined to become coveted by collectors...

The 2015 Quintessa is now available to purchase online. To order, click here or call 707.286.2745.

A Legacy in the Making

Rebekah Wineburg

Winemaker Rebekah Wineburg leads us through a retrospective tasting of the last 20 vintages of Quintessa, an experience that reveals the evolution of the wines in the cellar—and the evolution of a great Napa Valley estate...

A Wine of Harmony

Michalene Busico

Winemakers are always attuned to the fact that Mother Nature calls the shots, “but 2014 was really a reminder that you’re at the mercy of Mother Nature,” recalls Rebekah Wineburg, winemaker at Quintessa.

A longtime resident of Napa Valley, Rebekah, recounts a season that began as a parched California entered its third year of severe drought. Then in August, during the first days of an early harvest, the 6.0-magnitude South Napa earthquake rumbled through the valley, damaging homes and historic buildings, tossing barrels off their racks, and loosing enough groundwater to cause streams that had been dry for years to suddenly start running...

The Last Detail

Michalen Busico

Every wine lover knows that terrible moment when the joy of opening a great bottle is jolted into the despair of discovering it has been ruined by a tainted cork. The culprit—a chemical compound known as TCA, short for 2,4,6-Trichloranisole—remains one of the wine world’s mysteries. But this much is known: TCA occurs at some point during the cork manufacturing process, and its symptoms include wine that smells like a wet dog and tastes like cardboard, and fills wine drinkers with despair proportional to their anticipation. ...

From Beaker to Barrel

Meet Rebekah Wineburg, a chemist who couldn’t resist the lure of the vineyard, and Quintessa’s new winemaker.

A: Did you grow up with wine? 

A: I grew up in Washington, D.C., and my family drank wine, but we’re not wine collectors. When I was 16, we went to Napa and I was fascinated by fermentation science and the chemistry of winemaking. ...

A Vineyard in Full Voice and a Wine of Perfect Harmony.

Michalene Busico

It was a warm, dry spring in Napa Valley, and budbreak came early. Only one bout of heat in late June 2013 interrupted the mild weather, but it was over by Independence Day. Winemaker Charles Thomas knew he was witnessing the start of an ideal growing season—incredibly, one that might even surpass the near-perfect conditions of 2012. The grapes, still weeks away from harvest, were brimming with intense character and the flavors of dark fruit, cherry, and plum. “It just kept building; you almost didn’t want to say it out loud—you don’t want to jinx it!” Thomas recalls. “But everything was lining up, and everything kept lining up.”  ...

Perfect Timing

Karen MacNeil

Author of “The Wine Bible”

When is a vintage ready?

The question of when to drink a great wine is one of the central conundrums facing any wine lover. Drinking a wine when its most complex, interesting flavors are being fully expressed is clearly preferable to drinking a wine that’s so young it hasn’t really “become itself” yet. On the other hand, many of us fear that if we wait too long, the wine might collapse in old age. ...