Our Farming Vision

From the first moment Valeria saw what would become Quintessa, she was very adamant about not doing anything to harm the land. To discover a property of this size in Napa Valley that had never been planted to vineyards was rare, and presented a great responsibility to protect the beauty. Organic, and in 1996, Biodynamic® farming practices became the norm at the estate long before either term began to dominate the wine world’s conversations. Today, we are proud to be a CCOF-certified organic farm, as well as pursuing our official Biodynamic® certification through Demeter.

Biodynamics is a farming technique that utilizes the rhythms in nature and their interaction with the cosmos and the natural cycles of the Earth.

Just like human beings, the most important element for plants to grow and be healthy is its nutrition. To promote this nutrition, we incorporate natural compost and elements (such as cover crops) to the soils to activate the microorganisms that live in the soil. These microorganisms encourage the release of nutrients and minerals from the elements in the ground to make them available for the plant. This not only nurtures but also creates a true sense of place, as the plants are feeding themselves from the existing natural elements of fertility from the property.

Ultimately, our philosophy encourages us to become more connected with the vineyard and the close environment that surrounds it, bringing out the best expression of the estate through the wine. The goal is not only to preserve this beautiful land as it is, but to leave it better than what it was before our time.