Illumination Sauvignon Blanc

Intrigued with making a white wine from Quintessa, Agustin Huneeus planted a small plot of Sauvignon Blanc at Quintessa estate in 2002. Intended for family and friends, this passion project soon appealed to guests of Quintessa and top sommeliers in the country. Today, this limited production wine is one of Napa Valley’s most sought after white wines.

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“We approach Illumination with the same care and attention as we do Quintessa, with the aim of capturing the best qualities of our grapes and crafting a wine of harmony and balance. ”

Rebekah Wineburg, Quintessa and Illumination Winemaker

Current Release

The 2017 Illumination  is an elegant balance of exotic flavors, fresh acidity, and great texture. Aromas of guava, pink grapefruit and kiwi are intertwined with peach blossom and fresh thyme to create a lively bouquet. On the palate, the wine continues with flavors of white peach, lemon sorbet and a distinctively creamy texture that finishes with mouthwatering minerality.

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