Quintessa Decade Release

When Quintessa was founded in 1989, it was pristine land – never cultivated – and the thoughtful development of this property posed both a challenge and responsibility. During this journey, we have become believers that a great wine not only has the ability to capture the essence of a place in a specific moment in time, but also to evolve and improve with age. 2020 marked a significant milestone in our evolution as an estate with the introduction of the Decade Release, the release of a limited number of bottles that were set aside ten years prior. The Decade Release will be featured only in select vintages in anticipation of their great aging potential. 

Today, we are honored to introduce the 2011 Quintessa as our Decade Release. The 2011 growing season was a challenging one, with cool weather and early rains that are not typical for the region. During years like this, the attention to detail, adaptability, and intimate knowledge of the land that define our Biodynamic and organic farming practices are essential. Instead of trying to mitigate these variables, we acclimated and embraced them.

The proof is in the bottle, with a wine that exemplified elegance and finesse at release and has since evolved into a vintage of lithe beauty and definition. As a Vineyard Circle Member, you have exclusive access to acquire this special wine inclusive of your member benefits through September 30th, 2021.

This is the Decade Release.

Warm Regards,

RODRIGO SOTO, Estate Director

A True Classic

The destiny of a property such as Quintessa is not realized in years, but in centuries.

As we continue on this journey, we are honored to announce the 2011 Quintessa Decade Release, a wine that is not simply the expression of one year’s growing season, but of the eons on this property that preceded it, and the decade since.

Ten years ago, a limited store of the 2011 vintage was bottled and set aside to evolve in the very caves where it was made. This wine has never left the Quintessa Estate – until now – and is a time capsule, capturing the unique beauty of the land, the passion of the people who made it, and the anticipation of those who will enjoy it.  

Available exclusively to our Vineyard Circle Members, the Quintessa Decade Release is available to order. Please login to your Vineyard Circle Member account or join today for access. Member benefits apply through September 30th, 2021.

750mL 3-PACK IN PINE BOX | $810


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2011 Quintessa

The 2011 vintage is further evidence of how a property like Quintessa that is farmed in harmony with nature reacts positively to what others might consider difficult weather conditions. Today, the 2011 is a fantastic vintage of balance, length, and texture. It opens with savory notes of crushed herbs mingled with red cherry and showing a seamless balance between complex aromatics of stony earth, warm clove and sandalwood accompanied by silky tannin and lingering fruit.

“Exquisitely balanced with aromas of fresh red currant layered with savory notes of dried sage and bay laurel. With a supple entry followed by fine textured tannins and flavors of red plum and graphite, the 2011 Quintessa is a lively wine of purity and grace. The 2011 Quintessa is an elegant wine that at 10 years of age is showing beautiful complexity, definition, and finesse.”

– Rebekah Wineburg, Winemaker


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