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"In 1989, Valeria and I found the property that would become Quintessa, a remarkable estate in the heart of the renowned Rutherford appellation of Napa Valley. With 280 acres, it was the last great undeveloped property in Napa Valley and had all the characteristics of a great wine estate: rolling hills, many different microclimates and a vast diversity of soil types.

Now with nearly fifteen years of growth, the vines have lost their youthful exuberance and have developed into a balanced vineyard that needs little manipulation to produce low yields and concentrated flavors."

Agustin Huneeus

The Vineyard's Diversity Defines Quintessa

"The fact that the property at Quintessa had never been planted to grapes before spoke to the vivacity of the soil and the absence of grape pests. But it was amazing the diversity of the land that convinced us of Quintessa's potential to be one of the truly great wine estates of the world. The estate includes a valley, a lake, a river, five hills, four microclimates and numerous different soil types. Few vineyards anywhere encompass such diversity."

Valeria Huneeus
Vineyard Master/Proprietor